Ultra-High Pressure Electric And Pneumatic Pump

Product Details

Ultra-High Pressure Electric Pump
 Electric pump is fit for various industrial application fields (1000bar-3000bar continuous output). It can also be equipped to relative tools to fulfill pushing, D stage, which helps to shorten time to promote working efficiency.
 Powerful induction motor can start with full load.
 Oil tank has 3 options, thus can fit cylinders of various specifications.
 380V motor.
 Two internally set relief valves, one is set at factory to protect over loading, the other is for adjusting system pressure.

Ultra-High pressure Air Pumps
 Pressure Range: 100bar~5000bar
 Maximum flow 45L/min
 Working medium suits water and most
 chemical liquids.
 Non welded construction and light.
 Compact design, requiring less space.
 For any enquiry on ultra-high
 pressure products or above
 2800 bar air pumps, please
 contact a KENNER sales
engineer or your nearest Distributor.

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