Spearated Hydraulic Puller

Spearated Hydraulic Puller
Product Details

Separated hydraulic puller
 Separated hydraulic puller fortified Cobra
 The design of both 2 or 3,and short or long claw alternatives achieves the firmness of a 3-claw puller and its reliable clutching strength as
 well as all the functions of 2-claw pullers. It is also suitable for a restricted working space. You pay for one and get two pullers.
 According to different situations, it can be driven by hand pump, pneumatic pump or electric pump. Time saving, labour saving and efficient
 15, 17.5, 22.5, 25 and 50 ton working capacity range
 Adopt the design of high-tension steel wire springs from Germany, to get long life and quick retract
 The surface is electroplated three times to resist rust and abrasion.
 The claws are made of high-tension alloy steel and heated, thus it maintains its integral strength.
 The cylinder is made of one piece of solid steel, thus its safety is ensured
 Attached with a storage case and guard net
 There is protective cover on quick coupling and hose to prevent falling off and damage


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