RAC And RAR Series Aluminium Cylinders

Product Details

Aluminium Hydraulic Cylinders
 Designed for use in all positions
 To avoid degradation, the surface has been made extra rigid
 50T, 100T and 150T cylinders come with handles
 The ring can avoid the plunger over-reach, it can bear the
 max. top-rise capacity of the cylinder.
 High strength return springs for speedy retraction.


Double-acting Aluminium Cylinders
 Designed for use in all positions
 The surface has been treated for rigidity with 50T,
 100T and 150T cylinders having handles
 20T and 30T Cylinders also can match as you request.
 Built-in safety valves prevent accidental over-pressurisation
 Removable hardened saddles protect plunger during
 lifting and pressing.
 Plunger wiper reduces contamination, extending cylinder life.


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